6H Series Trench Shield

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6H Series Trench Shield - 6" Series trench box

GME developed the 6" Series trench box for the cost conscious contractor who is hunting for that special mix between better-than-average depth capacity and moderate costs. Many contractors frequently work in depths that the smaller trench shields cannot handle. GME recognized this problem and designed the 6" wall  trench box to meet this special need. If you want good depth capacity, moderate weight, and reduced excavation costs at a reasonable price - then investigate the 6H Series trench shield.

  • Full length hardwood inserts in top horizontal tube and front vertical tube
  • Only fully gusseted steel knife edge
  • High tensile steel throughout
  • Trapped thru wall collar assemblies
  • Honey-comb inner structure
  • Clear-view front and rear spreaders
  • 4-Point lifting system
  • All certified by a Professional Engineer to meet OSHA Standards
  • Utilizes 8" Sch. 80 spreader pipes
  • Customizable
  • Stackable

6h Series Trench Shield Sidewalls Chart
Click here for the 6H metric chart